Consultancy Service


Consultancy is also a part of our domain of services. The human resource network both domestic and foreign relationships of UEO Shipping and Logistics Ltd are always ready to support customers by providing them with the best business advice throughout all stages of freight forwarding, from planning to assisting in the operation process.

UEO Shipping & Logistics Ltd and our network of relationships can bring success to our customers:

  • Domestic and foreign laws and regulations consulting: procedures and permits requirements.
  • Consult about local issues: weather, culture
  • Connect with potential suppliers / distributors / partners
  • Other value-added services like insurance

UEO Shipping & Logistics Ltd will ensure the appropriate documentation is filled out and the correct importing and exporting procedures we follow to minimize clearance delays. We offer invaluable consultancy services regarding Customs Tariffs applicability, Laws, Procedures and permits required. We provide guidance in the preparation of Import and Export documents so as to avoid delays and complications at the time of clearance of goods.

We have an excellent record of past performances in the consultancy field. We are pleased to offer you a one-stop solution to all your needs related to export, import, excise, customs etc. by giving you access to consolidated knowledge, specialization as well as resources that are available with us. We offer you services in these sectors on account of the vast experience and expertise that we have gathered over the years.