Door to Door Logistics

Our rolling service in shipping full container load cargo and less than a container load comes with a combined shipping package that affords you the convenience of securing the needed space to ship your cargo from originating country to the destination.


This package offers you flexible shipping options; your goods are shipped from originating country to the destination port for pickup, or delivered to your doorstep. This service relieves you of handling paperwork and dealing with customs.

  • Refrigerated shipping containers which are suitable for import and export of frozen and perishable goods (e.g. fresh farm produce and medical products)
  • Tank containers are routinely inspected by our experts to ensure compliance with industry standards, for the shipment of liquids
  • You can also opt for collapsible racks to ship automobile cargo
  • Bulkers fit perfectly for granular cargo
  • On-demand updates on the status of the movement of your cargo