LCL Consolidation Inbound and Deconsolidation

With the rising challenges of inbound freight management facing the industry, companies are beginning to adopt the best ways of handling shipping costs and space by allowing shippers to share truck space to save the cost of transporting goods.


If you need to make intercity delivery of your goods but on a strict budget, worry not, simply call us today and speak with one of our agents to request for inbound freight consolidation/deconsolidation service package.

  • Enjoy the low cost of economy shipping by paying for only the amount of space you booked for your cargo
  • Get on-demand updates on the status of your cargo movement, which helps you and your business make better inventory decisions
  • Service operation of consolidation and deconsolidation reduces transit times as we have more control over dock schedules. This gives you the leverage of having goods arrives in time for your personal or commercial use
  • An insurance cover that mitigates risks or damage to your goods
  • We build stronger business relationships with you via our trained customer-oriented agents ready to assist you with all your shipping and transport needs